Living Victoriously

How do you live a victorious Christian life? First of all, you must be born again. There is only one way to Heaven and that is through Jesus. Eternal salvation, personal relationship, being born again…. whatever your term, it must be REAL. There is a difference between a head knowledge and a heart knowledge. You may believe Jesus is God’s Son who went to the cross as the ultimate sacrifice, but have you ever trusted Him? I am a fan of the British royal family. I have been since, as a young teen, a shy kindergarten teacher became the Princess of Wales. I read a lot about her through the years, both before and after her death, and I have a pretty good head knowledge of her life. But I never met her, I never KNEW her. There are crazed fans that think they really know the person they admire. Those of us who are sane realize we know a lot about the people we admire, including that they are actually a real person, but we know we don’t really know that person. See the difference? Don’t think because you know Jesus is real that means, you KNOW Him. There is a difference. Head knowledge of Princess Di would have never gotten me past the palace doors and a head knowledge of Jesus won’t get you into Heaven.

Second thing is, salvation comes when you are called, not by your decision. This is my sister’s testimony: She thought she was saved when she was younger.She was not. (And there are all kinds of reasons people don’t actually get the salation they are seeking at times…. one is being moved by emotion rather than the Spirit. Another, as was the case with her, is the devil uses those well meaning people at the altar to interfere with what God is doing. In her case, they told her she was done. She felt they knew more than she did so she got up and left the altar. She was not done. However, if God is calling you, you are sincere, and you let no one interfere with what is going on between you and Him, it’s as simple as ABC. I’ll share the day my daughter was saved at 4 one day to demonstrate just how simple it is.) After she realized she was not, she prayed the sinners prayer many times to no avail. Because she was trying to do it on her own. So when that call comes, and we are all promised to receive it once and there is no guarantee if we deny Him we will ever receive another chance, accept it!!

Salvation will not make you perfect. The longer you walk with Him, the closer you will be. But there will always be times that you will struggle. Always lift up your brother who is struggling. We are all one step away from “backsliding” ourselves. None of us are above slipping, and this, sadly, I know to be all too true. Just continue on your walk and when you get off the path, don’t listen to the enemy who will tell you to give up, make it right with your Father and keep going. And how do you do this? STAY IN HIS WORD, IN PRAYER, IN CHURCH, IN FELLOWSHIP BOTH CASUAL AND ORGANIZED OF OTHER BELIEVERS AND GET WHAT ISN’T OF GOD OUT OF YOUR LIFE! AND BE OBEDIENT! Because the more you do these things, the more peace you will have. And also the more you will show Jesus to others. And that is your purpose: to worship your Father and to spread the Word.